Want to Work in One of The World’s New Careers? How The Job Market Has and Will Change

Want to Work in One of The World’s New Careers? How The Job Market Has and Will Change

The world is in constant change and so are our needs, desires, and the means we use to achieve them. The job market continues to reflect these changes. Besides the traditional roles such as doctors, farmers, chefs or lawyers, many new careers have emerged.

The majority of these non-traditional jobs became reality with the dissemination of internet technology. Think about all the professions in IT that have been invented since1983 when the internet was invented. Without going that far in time, you can also consider what jobs didn't exist 10 years ago, including:

  • social media managers
  • influencers
  • big data scientists
  • cloud architects
  • professional gamers

The advancement of technologies is both a daunting challenge and an incredible opportunity to be seized.

The Rise of Automation at Work

One of the most common fears when it comes to technology and work is that artificial intelligence (AI) is going to steal all our jobs. While this scenario won’t likely occur, technology is indeed changing workplaces but largely for the good.

We can expect to see machines taking on highly predictable and time-consuming tasks to make them more cost-efficient and precise, leaving humans to the more dynamic assignments in many new careers. The questions as to where we are going to see the highest number of jobs that will be automated can in part be answered by research from McKinsey Digital regarding the industries with the highest potential for automation. These include:

Food Service

While sorting out a messy hotel room is difficult to mechanize, preparing, cooking, or serving food, like in a fast-food restaurant, are probably going to be performed by machines eventually.


Because predictable physical work accounts for up to one-third of workers’ overall time, manufacturing is one of the sectors that will continue to see machine automation grow. Packaging products, cutting and welding materials, or maintaining equipment are just some of the tasks that could be automated in certain production lines.


Highly physical tasks such as seed sowing, ordinary crop care and some types of harvesting are chores that humans will presumably stop executing in agriculture. Rather than having completely new careers, in this industry we will likely see an evolution of the farmer job.


Self-driving cars already exist and are being increasingly perfected. It’s just a matter of time before public and private transportation, or any job that involves operating a motor vehicle will be performed entirely and safely by autonomous vehicles.


Most logistics duties such as preparing and packaging orders, stock inventory and management, and data collection in retail could be fulfilled by robots in the future.


Lifting heavy equipment, batching, mixing and masonry could be all automatized along with 3D concrete printing in the construction industry before too long.

Top Industries in Which Technology Fosters Innovation

The evolution of technologies will spare us from many repetitive and time-consuming tasks. On top of that it will also allow us to reach unimaginable goals in certain sectors, thus reimagining jobs, or opening the door to new careers.

Here are the sectors that will lead the change and grow the most thanks to technological developments:

Communication and Information Technology

The way we interact with each other has changed dramatically with the introduction of internet. Now we are connected 24/7 and we can easily reach someone on the other side the planet. It’s therefore, reasonable to wonder what’s next?


Years ago, we would have not imagined being able to perform minimally invasive surgeries with instruments such as The da Vinci Surgical System, or that paralyzed patients could move again thanks to an artificial exoskeleton. Imagine what has yet to be done with more new discoveries in this area.


The future of entertainment will be focused on online and customization. In the metaverse, we will be able to virtually engage in all sorts of sports, games, and experiences without the constraints of the physical world. New modern job titles will inevitably be created to accomplish this.

A Window to The Future: New Careers We Can Bet on

We’ve seen which industries have jobs that will be automated and which ones are heavily driven by technology changes. Now, it’s time to reveal our list of future jobs that are likely to emerge, evolve or gain more and more importance over the next decades. Our list describes one in each of the most important sectors.

1. Geneticist

While this is already an established career, the focus is set to evolve. With the continuous advancements of medical research in the future, geneticists will play a crucial role in healthcare and life expectancy. By analyzing genes and DNA they will be able to predict what diseases a person might develop and put in place treatments to prevent them from appearing or reducing their symptoms.

2. Agroecological Farmer

Forget the traditionally heavy-duty job of the farmer in agriculture. In the future, technology will be involved at every step. It will be essential to fight issues that barren soils, water shortages and rising temperatures will pose. From robots picking up produce, andvertical farming, to special sensors measuring temperature, water, fertilizers needs or other big data-informed practices, the farmer’s job will be even more relevant in bring food into our homes.

3. Climate Engineer

These professionals will help find ways to intervene on a large scale on the climate issues causing all sorts of natural disasters that we are already starting to experience. Controlling tide waters, reducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, or cooling down Earth temperature are just few of the challenges they will have to face.

4. Man-Machine Teaming Manager

Man-machine teaming is one of the new careers we will need the most of in the future. Machines are eventually going to perform a great variety of tasks side by side with men. A specific figure facilitating man-machine cooperation will be fundamental to make this collaboration fruitful.

5. Distraction Prevention Coach

Social media addictions are a reality, and we are starting to see some treatment centers dedicated to digital detox already. In the future with the metaverse era’s excessive digital use, is likely to cause even more mental distress. We will need dedicated professionals to help company employees to retain attention on their tasks. A mix of psychology and human resources will be the background of this profession.

6. Smart Home Designer

Smart home design will be one of the new careers of the future of construction and interior design. We will build and renovate houses to be more sustainable, safe, and secure with the help of technology. Houses will be efficient, while aesthetically pleasing. Smart home designers will work with engineers, architects, and construction experts to achieve a perfectly integrated home experience.

7. New-Age Educator

The democratization of learning will continue in the future. Technology is already turning knowledge and information available to all for free or at a low cost. Students will be able to learn and receive official training from educators online. Big tech companies are already working on creating and implementing new eLearning platforms that in the future are likely to hold the same value as traditional education. Highly educated and technologically savvy individuals will thus be in-demand.

While the list could go on and on, there’s one single piece of advice for the years to come that we can give to young people entering the job market or professionals looking for a career change. Direct your energy towards jobs that foster and need creativity, relationships management, and emotional intelligence. These are the most difficult tasks that artificial intelligence won’t be able to reproduce  - at least for a while.

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