How to Move Up in a Company

How to Move Up in a Company

If you want a promotion, you shouldn’t just ask. If you’re a serious emerging leader you must demonstrate you have what it takes to move up and excel. Learn how to move up in a company by following these seven tips.

1. Offer Solutions

A core tenet of how to move up in a company depends on you. Show your value by demonstrating a desire and ability to solve problems. Do this by demonstrating to your manager that you're not only thinking about your position but the company as a whole. If there's a process that could be improved, tell your manager. They love to see critical thinking in action.

2. Delegate

If you want to step up in leadership, make sure you’re ready to lead. Ironically, that means getting out of the way to give people room to accomplish goals on their own. You need to delegate duties rather than take control over all processes. That also means you have to hold people accountable, so if you're not comfortable having potentially awkward conversations, you better work on that.

3. Work Smart

When it comes to communicating you’re ready for a promotion, you need to work strategically. Just because you work really hard or deliver success to your team doesn't automatically mean you'll get noticed and promoted.

Hard work alone doesn't get you ahead. You need to strategically work on the right projects, solidify the right relationships, and tooting your horn so that those who can influence your career know about it.

Here's one way to understand how to move up in a company—you'll have more success if you do five things well and promote your accomplishments rather than to try to do 25 things half-way. Prioritize your schedule and manage your time so that you execute.

4. Let Your Work Ethic Speak for Itself

Have you mastered your current position? Don't let anyone doubt your work ethic. Handle your work load with commitment. Your performance should be the result of your expert skillset. There’s no denying a top performer, and it's hard to ignore their impact on the bottom line.

5. Celebrate Others

It's important to let others know about your wins, but it's almost as valuable to congratulate coworkers when they achieve their goals. This truly shows you're someone who cares about the overall company and someone who will encourage others.

6. Share Your Out-of-Office Successes

If you haven’t had a chance to show leadership on the job, speak up about your leadership experience outside of work. For example, maybe you have a leadership role in a professional association or you've led programs within your community. This type of relevant experience can help you build a case for a promotion.

7. Establish a Development Plan

Get together with your boss to hammer out a professional development plan for yourself that includes higher levels of responsibility that support your long-term goals. By doing this, your boss will know what you're working toward and will see that you are serious about pursuing it.

No Promotion in Sight? Look Elsewhere

Now that you know how to move up in a company, the reality is that your current employer may just not have the position you're seeking. Don't let that stop you. Make a free profile on Monster, and we can put you in touch with recruiters, send you custom job opportunities, and much more.