Sample Interview Questions for Engineers

Sample Interview Questions for Engineers

Are you motivated by large projects and concrete results? In that case, a career as an engineer might be right for you. As an engineer you can play a part in creating everything from houses to computer systems. Before you get a job, however, you will need to ace your interview. Get ready by practicing answers to these examples of interview questions for engineers.

6 Common Engineering Interviewing Questions:

  1. Which of your past projects was your favorite one?
  2. How do you ensure that you complete a project on time?
  3. How do you deal with clients who have unrealistic expectations?
  4. How do you keep pace with new developments in engineering?
  5. What kind of problems have you encountered in your work?
  6. Which engineering trends do you find most interesting?

Interview Question #1: Which of Your Past Projects Was Your Favorite One?

The interviewer is trying to find out what motivates you if you get this question. There is no wrong way to answer interview questions for engineers about favorite projects or engineers you admire, but it is ideal to find projects that are similar to those the prospective employer takes on.

  • Find common denominators between a past project and the focus of the company you are interviewing for.
  • For the most compelling answer, focus on technical similarities so that you can use this question to highlight your own skills and expertise.

How You Could Answer:

“Projects that combine cutting-edge technology and a noble goal, such as sustainability, are most rewarding for me to work on. One reason I want to work for your company is that you specialize in building smart and green homes. I have worked on several such homes before and can suggest many solutions to the client.”

Interview Question #2: How Do You Ensure that You Complete a Project on Time?

This is common among interview questions for engineers since is of the essence in this field. A delay can have a significant impact on client relationships, customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

  • Give some general information on your time management skills but focus on details directly related to your field.
  • Mention how you collaborate with clients and colleagues to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Discuss how you supervise your team to ensure that they stay on track if you are applying for a job as a manager.

How You Could Answer:

“I have found that clients sometimes throw you a curveball at the end of a project. Because of this, I always leave time to implement changes by finishing each project ahead of time. I also make sure to have regular meetings with the computer programmers to ensure that they are on track. I meet regularly with clients as well to keep them updated on new developments and show them new mockups of the design.”

Interview Question #3: How Do You Deal With Clients Who Have Unrealistic Expectations?

Engineers often work closely with clients during the initial planning stage, which is why interview questions for engineers often cover social and communication skills. These are some methods you can say that you would use:

  • Say that you would be polite and understanding of their concerns.
  • Say that you would explain what would happen if you followed the client’s suggestions.

How You Could Answer:

“When a client has unrealistic expectations, for example regarding budget or timelines, I will thank them for their input and express that I understand their viewpoint, but then explain why it is not a feasible solution, focusing on concrete facts and not opinions.

For example, sometimes clients will be in a rush to complete a project in a timeline that is not possible due to safety, regulations, or practical concerns. In such circumstances I will describe what would happen if we rushed the project and the risks this would pose to safety, quality, or regulatory compliance, which can have financial implications as well.”

Interview Question #4: How Do You Keep Pace with New Developments in Engineering?

Engineers need to continue to develop new skills since everything from computer programs to construction equipment advances with time. New laws and standards can also affect how projects are made, which is why this topic is common among interview questions for engineering jobs.

  • Discuss new skills you have learned and classes you have taken.
  • Talk about what new skills you are planning to learn or classes you have signed up for.
  • Describe how you stay on top of regulations, standards, and trends by following engineering publications, blogs, and professional associations.

How You Could Answer:

“I stay informed of technological advancements by choosing continuing education classes that cover new developments, such as recently released software. I follow the American Society of Civil Engineers to learn about updates to new building codes and standards.“

Interview Question #5: What Kind of Problems Have You Encountered in Your Work?

The interviewer might be trying to determine your honesty, your weaknesses, or your problem-solving skills if you get this question during an engineering interview.

  • Choose an answer that emphasizes your strengths and not your weaknesses.
  • Discuss practical challenges, such as weather or new regulations.
  • Focus on how you solved the issue.

How You Could Answer:

“One of the issues that can cause problems is unexpected weather developments. I monitor the forecasts for a chance of rain or snow, but sometimes we get precipitation unexpectedly, which can delay a project. I wait until it has dried out to move forward with drywall and conduct humidity tests, and use fans or dehumidifiers to get us back to an optimal environment to continue.

I’ve also faced challenges from city officials who can be notoriously slow in scheduling necessary permit inspections. I maintain good relationships with them to ensure that we are informed of any delays in scheduling that will impact the project and that I can get a hold of them if I have any questions about the changes they request.”

Interview Question #6: Which Engineering Trends Do You Find Most Interesting?

Interview questions for engineers about trends and development serves to test if you really do stay on top of developments in the industry.

  • Be as specific as possible.
  • Choose trends relevant to your engineering specialty.

How You Could Answer:

“The convergence of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will lead to some interesting products in consumer electronics in the next few years. I look forward to developing new processors for these applications, especially as we make new advancements in security to enable these developments.”

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