Example Resume for a College Student

Whether you’re looking for a job to support you while you study or a post-graduation role, the first step to achieving your goal is to prepare a strong resume. For a college student, one of the perks is that your schedule is likely to be flexible, which makes you able to pick up less traditional jobs as well, such as:

  • babysitter/nanny
  • pet/house sitter
  • tutor
  • customer service representative/virtual assistant
  • sales assistant
  • waiter/waitress

Just be aware that when you start writing your resume there are a few factors to consider to make sure it’s successful. First, stick to a clear and easy-to-read format like our resume template for college students. However, keep in mind that more original layouts can catch more attention in creative industries. Nevertheless, an easy and predictable structure has the best chances overall of passing both a human check and an applicant tracking system (ATS) process.

Make your education section the opening part of your resume for a college student, just after your contact details. For now, it’s the strongest part of your profile and recruiters should see it straight away. Finally, adapt your resume to every role you apply to. To do so, analyze the job offers, find the keywords that best describe the job and the ideal candidate, and disseminate them in your resume.

If you don’t know where to start, download Monster’s student resume sample, complete it with your information and you’re ready to kick off your job search.

Resume For a College Student

Eva Green
Manhattan, NY 10024 | 555-555-5555 | eg@email.com | linkedin.com/eva.green

Entry-Level Marketing Associate | Digital Marketing Strategist

Analytical, goal-driven College One student eager to leverage academic foundation in marketing management to launch marketing career. Aptitude for data and web analytics, brand development, market research, demand generation, affiliate marketing and project management.



College One, Manhattan, NY
Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management program - Degree expected fall 20XX

Course highlights:

  • Marketing Applications
  • SEO, SEM & Social Media
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Relationship Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Market Research & Analytics
  • Public Relations
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Digital Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Global Marketing
  • Statistical Concepts

Capstone project:

Completed 2 marketing engagements in the areas of digital branding, strategy, market research and buyer behavior.

  • Brand Two: Jointly created digital media strategy for “Anytime, Anywhere Sport” campaign geared to youth market. Developed email campaign and managed scheduling, testing, tagging and deploying dynamic content-driven campaigns across existing digital properties.

Result: Generated a 15% sales increase in 2 months

  • Brand One: Branded One’s new Apple-to-Go product as a convenient and healthy snack ideal for on-the-go parents. Created targeted content for all social media channels.

Result: Exceeded social media engagement goal by 25%

Internship Experience


Company One, Manhattan, NY

Sales Representative Intern, 6/20XX to Present

Help senior members preparing presentations, managing product promotions, providing excellent customer service and closing sales. Cultivate relationships with distributor and dealer networks.

Individual and team accomplishments:

  • Helped grow sales from $1.8M to $2.5M, reversing a history of dwindling business by capturing 20 new major customers and winning back previously lost accounts.
  • Supported building margins to all-time high of 43% compared to 30% industry average.
  • Assist closing partnerships in the U.S. and Canada that now account for 25% of total business.
  • Became an expert on retail packaging and learned about sales best-practices.

“Eva has helped us optimizing sales and customer satisfaction through the relationships she established. She proved to have all it takes to become a leader in the future.”
– Darcy Steele, Manager

Technology Skills


WordPress, Photoshop, Google Analytics, heat maps, A/B testing apps, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.), MS Excel, MS Project



Volunteer at Manhattan Animal Shelter One, 20XX-Present

Collecting and handling adoption applications, feeding animals, cleaning cages, take dogs for walks, creating/updating animal profiles in the adoption webpage.

Hobbies and Interests


I’ve been dedicating my free time to portraits photography since 20XX. I participated in local expositions in various galleries in Manhattan. I also gain the third place in the “New York Young Photo Awards” in 20XX.

Depending on the industry your resume for a college student is for, growth projections can be higher or lower than the economy’s national average of 7%. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the fastest growing sectors primarily include a great variety of healthcare services such as home, ambulatory, and outpatient care, administration or medical laboratory work. These are followed by services in information, family, management, science, and office administration.

As far as salaries go, entry-level jobs for students freshly out of college depend on both the major and the type of academic path chosen. For instance, an accounts receivable worker makes around $33,723 per year on average, while the additional studies of a general accountant justify a wage increase to $48,635.

Similarly, the salary of a legal secretary reaches $35,362 per year on average, whereas a law clerk sits around $44,059. If you’re curious about the salary for a particular major or role, visit Monster’s Salary Tool. You’ll also find out how much the same position pays in one city or another and similar job titles you might be interested in.

You can start searching for your ideal first job from one of the following common industries:

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