10 Shopping Jobs for People Who Love to Spend

Shopping is a skill, and you’ve got it to spare.

10 Shopping Jobs for People Who Love to Spend

These shopping jobs put your talents to work.

Wondering if you'd be a good candidate for shopping jobs? See if this rings true: You consider Black Friday your personal holiday. You can go into any store, pick through the racks, and walk away with an armful of treasures that other people overlooked. Every December, your inbox gets full with emails from friends asking you for gift suggestions. You mentally redecorate every room you enter. You are familiar with 99% of the names on the National Retail Federation's top 100 retailers.

Others may scoff, but you know the truth: Shopping is a skill, and you’ve got it to spare. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and LaborInsight from Burning Glass, Monster chose 10 jobs that will put your talent to work. Cha-ching!

Commodities Trader

What you’d do: Buy and sell…so you can buy and sell some more. Commodities traders operate in the complex world of what boils down to wagering about the future price of different raw materials (oil, grain, metal, etc.). They monitor international markets, conduct research, and buy and sell based on their premonitions (and their client’s premonitions) about what the future holds.
What you’d earn: The median salary for a commodities trader is $80,000 per year.

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Fashion Buyer

What you’d do: Fashion buyers are what many people think of when it comes to shopping jobs. They decide what clothes and accessories will be hanging on racks each season. These trend-spotters rely heavily on their knowledge of the cycles of fashion (what has been hot over time) and the ability to predict when things will come back around, often before style blogs and magazines catch on.
What you’d earn: The median salary for a buyer (general) is $51,441 per year.

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Food Service Manager

What you’d do: A great meal can also be an incredible experience. Food service managers order of food and beverages, equipment, and supplies for a restaurant to help ensure that customers are satisfied with their dining experience. They also manage the business to ensure that it's profitable and are responsible for the daily operations, including managing kitchen and dining room staff. 
What you’d earn: The median salary for a food service manager is $41,802 per year.

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Interior Designer

What you’d do: Interior designers turn a house into home sweet home by planning, selecting and shopping for the elements that bring a space to life. Their selections can include broader elements like the color and lighting schemes, but also specific items such as sofas, flooring and plumbing fixtures.
What you’d earn: The median salary for an interior designer is $50,000 per year.

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IT Buyer

What you’d do: If you’re first in line for the latest smartphone or laptop, consider yourself primed for this job. IT buyers balance a company’s IT budget with workers’ desire to have the hottest gadgets on their desks and in their hands. Because they supply their entire company, they have to be just as up to date on the latest digital tools for sales and marketing as for the tech department itself.
What you’d earn: The median salary for a buyer (general) is $51,441 per year.

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Personal Shopper

What you’d do: For some people, time is their greatest luxury. Thus, they rely on personal shoppers to make their lives easier. As their go-to shopper, these assistants might be charged with picking up back-to-school clothes for their kids, the week’s groceries, a new spring wardrobe or special offerings for a dinner party on Friday night. Basically, if a client needs something—anything—a personal shopper is ready to go buy it.
What you’d earn: $32,491 per year

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What you’d do: Picker/packers receive online orders and run around a warehouse grabbing items to fulfill those orders. Also known as order fillers, these workers are in increasing demand thanks to the boom of of e-commerce and fulfillment centers.
What you’d earn: The median pay for a picker packer is $14.15 per hour.

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Purchasing Agent

What you’d do: Businesses need personal shoppers too. Purchasing agents keep companies running by ensuring that whatever is needed is on hand. This can be relatively simple, such as keeping office supplies stocked so that someone can grab a pen and notepad as needed, or deeply complex, such as in manufacturing operations where a constant, dependable supply of numerous elements has to be in stock at all times to produce the company’s products.
What you’d earn: The median salary for a purchasing agent is $47,186 per year.

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Visual Merchandiser

What you’d do: While visual merchandisers don’t technically buy anything, they still get to walk around a store and pick and choose which items to display in order to turn casual shoppers into buyers. Visual merchandisers handle the big picture of overall setups and seasonal themes (all those Christmas trees don’t decorate themselves!), and also details such as styling and posing mannequins or arranging pastries on trays.
What you’d earn: The median salary for a visual merchandiser is $28,146 per year.

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Wholesale Buyer

What you’d do: Much like a fashion buyer, wholesale buyers decide what items retail stores will be selling in the months ahead. Wholesale buyers analyze past buying trends and sales records before choosing and ordering the items, with the hopes that customers are going to want to plunk down their money to buy a store’s offerings.
What you’d earn: The median salary for a buyer (general) is $51,441 per year.

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Put Your Skills on Display

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